Student Voice
What is Student Voice and how does it affect me?

Student Voice is an exciting opportunity for you to get involved and make a difference, to matters that affect you and your learning experience! Whether it be ideas to improve elements of your learning that you would like to change, or gathering the views and suggestions from fellow peers that would like to help make a difference to them.

What can I gain from being part of Student Voice?

Employers are turning their focus to look at candidates level of “SOFT Skills”. This term refers to a combination of people skills that a candidate has. Being part of Student Voice can help you gain these types of skills such as: communication, teamwork, leadership, negotiation, democracy etc. As well as building up your skills profile, you will have the opportunity to socialise, make friends and have fun!

Is it much extra work for me?

We understand that as students, you have lots of commitments and need to prioritise your work and learning. However if you want to gain more out of your learning experience and add valuable skills and qualities to your CV, there is a structure to help you have your say, and the level of involvement is up to you.

Although there is a minimum number of two meetings you would be required to attend and if interested you could be on the Executive Committee.

So, what is the Executive Committee all about?

Coleg Cambria’s Executive Committee helps to oversee and run the Student Voice on a day to day basis. The Executive Committee will include the Student Presidents and Governors, Vice Presidents, HE Officer, WBL Officer and the Chairs of Student Social Groups can also sit on this committee.

Sounds great! How do I get involved?

You can start by making it known to your Personal Tutor or to Rosie Burt the Learner Engagement Officer via that you would like to take part.

The first step is nominating yourself and run to be elected as a Class Rep, Good Luck!

Get involved and make a difference.

Student Voice is a fantastic opportunity to have your say and change what happens at the college.

Every class elects two Class Reps in September so if you’re interested put yourself forward by letting your tutor know. Elected Class Reps run regular meetings and attend Rep Review meetings to discuss cross College student issues.

Take YOUR opportunity to have YOUR say!