Your Safety

The safety and welfare of all of our learners is our priority and we will help overcome any obstacles to success, achievement and progression. We want you to feel safe, supported and cared for both in your work environment and whilst in learning. To this end, we ensure we complete a Health & Safety check on your employer and conduct regular monitoring of Health & Safety arrangements in the workplace. Our staff will ensure you are safe in college and at work and provide support with personal difficulties. Learners also have a duty to prevent injury to themselves or others so please report any accident or danger immediately to your employer. There are a number of basic Health & Safety issues that apply and you should be aware of these at the commencement of your learning. They include:

Emergency evacuation procedures and the location of fire and emergency exits

The nearest telephone for use in an emergency

Location of the nearest first aid box

How to report an accident – the location and use of the accident book. Please make sure that if you have a work related accident or incident that results in you taking more than 7 days off work you must report it to your assessor

The company’s health & safety policy



The college is committed to your safety whilst both in and out of college. If you need help ask your Assessor or you can now send a message, in confidence, to our Safeguarding Officer through the following link: or contact the Safeguarding Team on 0300 30 30 009.