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What is it?

Change it is a tool for you to get your ideas heard.

You can post ideas that you think will improve college, for others to give a plus to, or a minus.  All you need to do is submit and idea or vote on a idea to have a say.

Why is it important?

We can only get better with feedback and great ideas.  So we want your help and ideas to make college the best it can be and to make sure we work on the things that matter to you.

How to Submit your IDEA


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Stage 3: If it get’s enough votes, we campaign to CHANGE IT.

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You Said it…..We Did It!

Installation of Microwave Oven in Canteen at Bersham Road and Llysfasi Sites

Bersham Road Student Voice implemented a microwave in the canteen for students to use free of charge.

Installation of Water Fountain at Llysfasi Site


Llysfasi Student Voice implemented a water fountain in the LRC.