Cambria Info for Work Based Learners

What is Work Based Learning?

As an employee, you can earn as you learn and you gain practical skills from the workplace. Of course, you may already have many years of experience and skills which will help you in the achievement of your qualification.

E-Portfolio – Benefits for Learners

The e-portfolio system has many benefits for Learners. Learners study when they want, where they want. There are no bulky paper-based portfolios to manage or store. The e-portfolio is based online and is accessible via an internet browser. The system is intuitive to use with minimal training required. Learners can track their own progress at all times, having instant access to course materials and resources. Learners can easily upload evidence into their e-portfolio and communicate with their Assessor. The Learners can also interact in a moderated way with others on their course.

You can access you own portfolio here (add link here to Learning Assistant)

The Review Process

During the course of your Learning Programme you will receive visits from your assessor in order to complete a Progress Review. At this review the assessor will talk to you and your employer and record the following:

  • The progress of all aspects of your qualification;
  • Any barriers to your progress;
  • Any issues with your employment or college course;
  • Awareness of health & safety and equality and diversity;
  • Your general wellbeing;
  • Any achievements outside your Learning Programme (such as passing your driving test, achieving an industry award, winning a competition, etc);

A forward plan of your Learning Programme with targets spanning the next 6 weeks;

  • Progression you may be making towards an increase in literacy and numeracy skills;
  • Ensuring you have an awareness of the PREVENT Strategy, Active Citizenship and British Values
  • Encouraging your development with the Welsh language

Learner Confidentiality


Coleg Cambria will ensure that learners’ rights to confidentiality of personal information are protected. We believe that all learners should have the right to expect that personal information held about them will be treated with confidentiality and with respect.


Where learners are encouraged to disclose personal information, this should be with their informed consent. They are entitled to expect clear and transparent information and advice about the implications of disclosure and about their freedom to access and change what is held on record.


Coleg Cambria is mindful that what is perceived as confidential may vary from learner to learner and from circumstance to circumstance.


Some information held about you by the College will be sent to the Welsh Government (WG). Your record will be added to a database which will be used to pass information in anonymous form to Welsh Government, central government departments and agencies that require it to carry out their functions under Education Acts.