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On this page you can find some handy resources including Tutorials, YouTube videos and Reference Guides. Do you have any requests for Training or Resources – submit your requests and ideas to with the subject ‘Training / Resources Request’.

What is Student Voice & Why is it Important?

The importance of student voice: Donivan Ryan (TEDx Talks)

I appreciate this is an American-based video but the message is still the same. Donivan Ryan speaks about his experience of helping towards change through use of Student Voice.




Working together can promote innovation and enhance communication skills

This cartoon produced by FableVision is a great example on how different approaches, when combined through teamwork, can produce innovative solutions. If you can pull together ideas from multiple sources, formed from different experiences and points of view and work as a team, you can make a change.



Tools for Strategy

This 6-part series of videos by Dr Davide Sola and Dr Jerome Couturier can guide you through a very useful tool for strategic thinking which utilises the Strategy Roundabouts Framework.

The framework was developed by Dr Davide Sola and Dr Jerome Couturier as a practical introduction in how to think strategically.

I have used this tool myself in assignments at university and received high grades based on their effectiveness. Although the videos, their theme and their content may not necessarily be relevant to your specific topics of study, they are very useful for developing a strategic mindset for achieving results.

~ Kate

PART 1: The Strategic Recipe

Hear Dr Jerome Couturier talking about the strategic recipe for competitive advantage.



PART 2: The Strategy Roundabouts Framework

Hear Dr Davide Sola talking about their strategic framework.



PART 3: What is Competitive Advantage?

Hear Dr Jerome Couturier talking about competitive advantage and business strategy.



PART 4: Reducing Uncertainty

Hear Dr Davide Sola talking about how to reduce uncertainty.



PART 5: The Strategic Ingredients

Hear Dr Jerome Couturier talking about ingredients to achieve competitive advantage.



PART 6: The Core Challenge

Hear Dr Jerome Couturier talking about core challenges.