L2 Business Admin – Virtual Event

We won’t be defeated!

L2 Business Admin students switch methods to complete assignment.

The L2 Business admin students have to organise an event as part of their qualification and between the class, had two engaging events planned. To then be told you can no longer run an event because of CoronaVirus when your qualification depends on it must be scary.

That hasn’t stopped these students. Instead they have teamed up with Student Voice and staff in both the Library and Student Services to create a ‘Virtual Event’ for the students. They have focused on the current topic of CoronaVirus and looked at ways in which they can help get advice to the students.

Please help them out by taking part below…


The ‘Virtual Event’

The group have thought about topics and put together 4 videos / webinars which students are invited to watch. After watching, students are asked to fill in a very short form about which videos they have watched / which webinars they took part in and to provide a brief comment on their thoughts.

Apologies for the quality of some of the recordings. This has been a learning curve for using the tools in the way they have been used together.

Learning Curves:

With regards the video for resilience, we learned that you need to make sure you select and pin the screen you want to focus on, (which should have been Rob) otherwise you get other people’s screens jump into the view in front of you. Also, if more than one person in a room is watching through individual devices, get them to turn off microphones and use the chat box for questions (otherwise you get the horrible feedback and squealing we did – apologies in advance).

With regards the video for online library resources we learned that unless you’re in the same room as the person speaking, if you’re doing their recording remotely you need to turn off the microphone on the recording device (otherwise it picks up the sounds coming out of the speakers and plays them in the recording too, creating an echo!).

All great learning curves the whole team can take away and reflect on in their assignment write-up.

Do you want more?

Should you like the content of these videos, Student Voice will be looking at working with more student groups to record more Q&A sessions with different departments across the college as well as some ‘How To’ videos. If you are interested in taking part in these as a class or just in general, get in touch by emailing kate.unit@cambria.ac.uk or studentvoice@cambria.ac.uk. Thank you!

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