Anti-Boredom Kit

You are entering a ‘No Boredom’ Zone!

Social Distancing / Physical Distancing doesn’t mean that you have to lose all social aspects or that you have to be bored!

Yes, OK – so you’re only allowed outside of your homes (gardens being an exception to the rule unless they are shared or unless you’re planning on hanging over fences to talk to each other) for very limited reasons at the moment and some of you may have already started to go stir crazy while you’re missing your friends AND (even if you don’t want to admit it) missing being at college.

Boredom is banned! Only joking, you can of course take some opportunities for some downtime or even flip the times you’re doing your college work, so long as your lecturers aren’t expecting a virtual attendance in their online classrooms via chats at specific times —- please, please don’t miss these as your tutors are also trying their best to create a semblance of normality for you.

Student Voice have teamed up with the STEM Resource Centre to create an ‘Anti-Boredom Kit’. This kit will be updated on a continuous basis and there will be a new competition to enter every month. The kit is available in PDF format with full clickable links. We’re hoping to see as many of your creations as possible and robots aside, we think the origami penguin is very cute and coupled with some pieces of string, cotton or any leftover thread would make a great Christmas decoration (yes, I know – we’re not even at the Summer Holidays yet).

If you have ideas for more entries for the ABK, why not join us on our #SWSD ‘Social While Social Distancing’ chat channel between 12pm – 1pm? The link is in the banners above and below.