About Student Voice

Get involved and make a difference.

Student Voice is a fantastic opportunity to have your say and change what happens at the college.

Every class elects two Class Reps in September so if you’re interested put yourself forward by letting your tutor know. Elected Class Reps run regular meetings and attend Rep Review meetings to discuss cross College student issues.

Take YOUR opportunity to have YOUR say!

What is Student Voice?

Student Voice is a fantastic way for how you can get involved in presenting any ideas you or your fellow classmates have to help improve Coleg Cambria.

There is a structure to help you have a say, which you are part of and your level of involvement is up to you.

Student Voice Structure

The structure is as follows (typically working your way in this order):

  • Class Reps
  • Campus Reps
  • Student Vice President
  • Student President

Students from the group of Student Vice Presidents can also go forward to be a Student Governor with help and support.

So, what does it mean to be each of these members of the Student Voice for Coleg Cambria?

Class Rep
What does it mean to be a Class Rep?

The main role of a Class Rep is to gather the views of their classmates and to represent them at Student Voice meetings.

Each year students are elected from each class to become Class Reps, they receive training and support from the College to help them in their role. Training takes place in the first term and you need to register to attend via the Student Voice website.

Some Class Reps help out at Open Evenings and other events. They receive a Student Voice t-shirt and payment (£10 worth of shopping vouchers) for their help.

Class Reps are elected as Campus Council Reps, Student Vice President and/or Student President. Elections for the Student President take place just before the October half term break.

How do I gather the views of my classmates?

You and your other Class Rep from your class, will run a class meeting once a year with the rest of your classmates. This meeting is known as the Classroom Viewpoints meeting.

You will make sure topics discussed in the meeting are written down the notes are passed to your course tutor who discusses them at their course meetings.

Class Reps take issues raised which are not related to the course to the Class Rep Meetings held once and term.

You will get feedback from the Course tutor and the Big Class Rep meetings which you must share with your class group.

Is there any training for this?

In the first term all the Class Reps will be invited to the first Big Class Rep meeting. This will give you the information you need to get going – and there will be some fun activities to break the ice and help you get to know other Class Reps.

You will also receive more training, which will include what to do with information your classmates tell you and link with Student Services.

What are the benefits of being a Class representative?
  • Enhance your CV and any job or course application form.
  • Helps you stand out from the crowd and shows leadership qualities.
  • Opportunities to be involved in Campaigns that affect you and make a positive impact.
  • You can be elected as Campus Rep.
  • You can be elected as Student Vice President
  • You can be elected as Student President for the whole of Coleg Cambria.
Role of a Class Rep
  • Register your details on the Student Voice Website as soon as you are elected
  • Attend all  Class Rep meetings (once every term) – check out when they are by looking at the Calendar on your emails.
  • Carry out the Classroom Viewpoints meeting in Term One
  • Talk regularly with your classmates about course matters and college wider issues. Any Safeguarding issues should be taken to your tutor or student services.
  • Report back to your classmates what happens in any meetings you attend and pass on any other information you are asked to.
  • Consider putting yourself up for election as Campus Council Rep and/or Student Vice President and/or President. Check out the Job Descriptions.
  • Log into your college email account at least once a week to pick up your Class Rep Alert (email). Keep in regular touch with the Student Voice Website for any information you need to pass on to your classmates and the “Class Rep Page”for advice and support you may need throughout the year
  • Attend Class Rep training in the first term (you have to book yourself in for training via the registration form)
  • Be the point of contact for your classmates and staff
Campus Council Rep
Role of a Campus Council member

There are around 12 Campus Council Reps per site and by the end of the year, all 12 are normally very good friends.

A Campus Council Rep has all the duties of a Class Rep PLUS:

  • Campus Council Reps should meet informally once every two weeks at a suitable time for around half an hour. These informal discussions will enable Campus Council Reps to work with the Student President and other student leaders to influence college developments and recommend change where appropriate. 
  • Campus Council Reps attend 2 lunchtime Formal Campus Council meetings a year with senior staff and a college governor. They have the opportunity to raise matters discussed by the student body, new initiatives and any other relevant themes with senior staff and to make recommendations for change. 
  • Campus Council Reps have to attend and contribute to the Student Voice Parliament once a year. 
  • Campus Council Reps Reps have to represent Coleg Cambria and the student body at various agreed events such as NUS Trips. 
  • Campus Council Reps have to be a role model for students of Coleg Cambria.
Student Vice President
Role of a Student Vice President

There is one Student Vice President per site, therefore Coleg Cambria has 6 Vice Presidents.

The duties of the Student Vice President are the same as that of the Class Rep and Campus Council Rep, in addition, they will have to:

  • Chair the Campus Council Meeting.
  • Be the lead representative of learners at the site they represent.
  • Be the candidate for election as Student President and run a campaign.
  • Become a candidate for one of the two Student Governors positions, provide a CV and attend a selection discussion in the last week of term.
  • Attend NUS Events as required.
    Student President
    Student President role

    All of the above responsibilities are applicable to the role of the Student President also. However it will mean that you will be answerable to fellow students concerns that you will receive by email. Kate Unitt will support you with answering these.

    • Be known as one of the two Student Presidents for Coleg Cambria
    • Lead on the Student Voice Parliament once a year
    • Attend NUS Events as required