Learning Apps & Tools

G Suite Training

Get started with G Suite – quick video tutorials

Gmail All staff and students are provided with a Coleg Cambria Gmail account. This will be the primary email account you will use to communicate with your tutors.
Classroom With Classroom, your tutor will post assignments and resources.  Classroom fully integrates with all G Suite apps.  For example, you can create your coursework directly in Classroom. The coursework is shared automatically with your tutor – enabling real-time feedback. You can also track coursework due dates in the assignment ‘To-do’ function. Classroom for students video tutorial
Calendar When a tutor creates an assignment in Classroom it’s automatically creates an event in the class calendar in your Google Calendar. You can also add your own items, such as one-to-one meetings with your PT
Google Drive Similar to Dropbox, Google Drive is a place you can store files, vidoes and photos. Storing all your coursework in Google Drive with enable you to access your work anywhere on your phone, tablet, Chromebook or computer. Do NOT store your coursework on a USB stick. 
Google Keep Google Keep lets you quickly take and save notes, photos, voice memos and checklists, which you can can access on any web-connected device.
Hangout Meet & Chat When working on group projects, collaborate more effectivley online using Google Chat and Meet to messsage and video chat to your group members.
Support Learning Tools
Read and Write

Read&Write lets everyone read, write and express themselves more confidently.  Read & Write shortcut is available on all student and staff desktop.   For more information on how to access Read&Write on Chrome devices pop into student support 

Creative Tools

Write your music scores online


Collaboration platform for making music online

Canva Canva is a free graphic-design tool website, founded in 2012. It uses a drag-and-drop format and provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts. It is used by non-designers as well as professionals.
MindMup Mind mapping app
Google Forms Survey and Quiz tool
Google Slides Create presentaions
Google Spreadsheets Create spreadsheets with colourful charts
Create websites Creating a web page using Google Sites is as simple as writing a document, and you can easily embed documents, presentations and videos. Use site to built an ePortfolio to showcase your work to potential employers or universities
Tour Creator 

Create your own expeditions!

Learning Apps

Google Expeditions is a virtual-reality teaching tool. You can swim with sharks, visit outer space, walk through a museum, and more without leaving the classroom. There are close to 500 expeditions available and more in development.

Science Journal

Choose from a long list of experiments designed to new discoveries in many different subject areas from your device

Google Earth

Explore the far reaches of the world from your browser 


Duolingo is a great place to learn a language. Practice online on duolingo.com