The tutors/managers taking part  in this year’s I’m a teacher get me out of here are Paula Wood & Sally Jones (combined effort), Tom Brook – Classics and Law, Jayme Edwards – Performing Arts and Rachel Christie – English.  Fair play to them, I would not want to be eating the yummy bugs they will be faced with this year.  We have some lovely giant waterbugs, some tasty crickets and locusts and the sting in the tail……some edible scorpions!  If that isn’t enough, we have some delights for them to put their hands in….

Just to whet your appetites, here is a picture of the waterbugs (with my thumb alongside for you to judge the size) mmmm now don’t they look appetising?

The tins are out in Reception and the Common Room.  The more money in the tin, the worse the challenge will be! All money will be going to the British Heart Foundation.  If you want to contribute from other sites, please let me know and I will happily put your money in the nominated tin